During our recent Care Inspectorate visit on 2nd and 3rd of October 2014 inspectors Lorraine McIntyre and Alison Isles carried out their inspection of all 4 Quality Themes and awarded overall grades of 5 in each area.

  1. Quality of Care
  2. Quality of Environment
  3. Quality of Staffing
  4. Quality of Management and Leadership

However during the inspection there is a focus on 2 quality statements within each theme, scores are awarded to each quality statement and then the average lowest score is awarded as an overall score.

In the 8 quality statements inspected we were awarded grade 5 in 7 out of the 8, with the final statement being awarded a grade 6. Quality Statement 4.3 "to encourage good quality care, we promote leadership values throughout the workforce" the inspectors felt that Morningside was performing at an excellent level in areas covered by the statement.

A big congratulations to all the staff for this recognition of their hard work and effort.