The staff at Morningside Care Home are committed to supporting the people who live here to lead a full and active life.

“Meaningful Activity” has become an integral part of the daily life here at Morningside Care Home every member of staff has made a commitment to make activity part of their ethos and the aim is to “Make every moment count.” 

Through consultation with residents, relatives and friends, the variety and quality of activities which constitute being meaningful to people by providing cognitive and physical stimulation is extensive within the Care Home.

  • Silver Surfers Club

    A digital inclusion project where a needs led training initiative aims to support and provide Digital intelligence both hardware and 1:1 tuition to residents, relatives and friends of Morningside Care Home.

  • Church Services

    Located in Carluke only a short distance from the Care Home St John’s (Church of Scotland),offers a short service on a Thursday,  followed by a coffee morning which residents are able to attend on a regular basis. St Brigids (Roman Catholic), is located within the local community of Newmains and offers regular mass which residents are able to attend . Outings to the various local churches are complimented by Services provided within the care home by The Ebeneezers Church and by the Chaplains to the Care Home Rev Murdoch, Rev Raeburn, Father Kelly and Sister Maria in order to support residents to maintain their spiritual links/comittments.

  • Reminiscence

    Take a stroll down “Memory Lane” for those who wish to. Using photographs, personal belongings and memoribilia individuals can have the opportuniy to talk about their life experiences, family, friends, work history hobbies and explore their past and present,  tapping into the emotions connected with those memories can bring comfort and enjoyment to individuals, provide a greater insight into their needs and aspirations and help carers understand the person behind any dementia they may have.

  • Flower Arranging

    Head off out on a shopping trip to buy some of the best flowers in season, take a walk in the garden to gather some background greenery and individuals are set to prepare the floral arrangements seen throughout the care home.

  • Gardening

    There are numerous opportunities to continue your love of the garden and get involved in the many gardening opportunities within the Care Home including  “The Tattie Howkers” and “The Tomato Planters” groups where residents, staff, families and friends are able to get involved in every step of the process of growing their own organic produce.  

  • Regular Outings

    The world is your Oyster, through consultation at monthly activity meetings, residents are able to choose their favourite destinations for up and coming outings. These include:

    • Arts & Crafts: 
    • Games 
    • Movie/Party afternoons/evenings.
  • Entertainment

    Entertainment is provided on a regular basis and includes singers, musicians, pantomimes and stage shows.